Housing for Homeless Persons & Families

Fundamental to a Promising Future

#Housing for Homeless Persons & Families

Housing support is a fundamental stepping stone for homeless individuals and families to begin the psychological and emotional recovery needed to initialize a promising future in their lives.


Our goal aims at recovery and self-support. We believe providing homeless victims with a safe and adequate environment plays a significant role in their recovery. A Safe Harbor Home, Inc. helps these individuals and/or families establish safe permanent housing in which to rebuild their lives. Through this program, victims benefit from housing financial assistance, access to counseling services, vocational training and life skills that support independent living. Supportive services provided by A Safe Harbor Home, Inc. are available for 6 to 24 months based on individual needs.

What Does Housing the Homeless Do?

  1. Establish safe permanent housing.
  2. Provide housing financial assistance
  3. Provide access to counseling services, vocational training and life skills.
  4. Provide extended housing financial support based on individual/family needs.



Serving Greene County, Hawkins County, Hancock County, Johnson County, Washington County, Sullivan County, Carter County and Unicoi County


A Safe Harbor Home, Inc. is committed to equip the victims of domestic violence with the necessary tools to empower their lives. We believe that no one should have to live in fear or in a violent environment with their loved ones...

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319 E. Sullivan Street

Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 218-0774


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